BAS 2017 – Call for Abstracts

The British Andrology Society is once again hosting an exciting meeting for PhD students and PostDocs. The one day event is running on 19 June 2017 at The Linnean Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BF and if you are presenting you will get free registration.


The daytime session will also be followed by an event, “ICSI-Will there be a future cost for current care?” from 6-8pm and further details for this will follow shortly.


Please submit Abstracts to Sarah Magson at by Friday 26th May 2017.



Please follow the steps below to successfully submit your abstract:



By submitting an abstract, you agree to the following:

  1. The abstract is scientifically sound and ethically approved.
  2. The abstract is not an advertisement, nor contains anything obscene, defamatory, libellous, unlawful or in any way actionable.
  3. The abstract will be included in the programme book, may be made available on the Society’s website and is eligible for publication in the Journal Human Fertility.
  4. All authors have seen and approved the abstract as submitted.

You are allowed a maximum number of 300 words in the abstract body. This does not include the title which can be up to 500 characters (including spaces and punctuation).

Please do not include author details in the body of the abstract or in the abstract title. You are asked to provide author details and affiliations separately.

We expect your abstract as a Microsoft Word Document or compatible file. Please use the symbol font for special characters. You can use the buttons to add formatting. All other text should be in Size 12, Calibri.

The ‘Full title’ should be presented sentence case (not in block capitals), i.e. only the first letter of the title or appropriate terms such as abbreviations or proper nouns should be upper case.

Please do not include tables, figures or references in the abstract as these will be removed before your abstract is published.

Each abstract is reviewed by 2 or more independent referees and acceptance is subject to formal approval.

Abstracts will only be published if they conform to the abstract guidelines and meet the required standards.



Young Scientist Lectures / Prize

Eligibility: All presenting authors must be enrolled for a Postgraduate degree (MSc, MPhil or PhD or within ten years of completion of such).

Judging: The judging will be based on the oral presentation provided by the selected candidates, not the submitted abstracts.

Poster Prizes

Eligibility: All posters will be automatically considered for a Poster Prize. The judging will be based on the posters not the submitted abstracts.


Please read the following guidelines thoroughly before preparing your abstract. The Committee will be flexible and understand abstracts from a wide interdisciplinary field may vary, but we reserve the right to not consider abstracts that have not been prepared in accordance with these instructions.

1) The abstract should be as informative as possible, and should be structured in three sections, as shown below.

Summarise the background and rationale for the study. End with a clear statement of the specific objective(s) of the study.

State the method(s) used and define the study design. If pertinent, state whether experiments were performed in vivo or in vitro, confirming that any studies requiring national or local ethical approval had been approved by the relevant Ethics Committee(s).

Results and Discussion:

1) Summarise results obtained and your interpretation of the findings. End with a clear statement of the conclusion(s) reached. (Where appropriate, a final statement should be inserted, in brackets, and separated from the last sentence by 3 spaces, acknowledging the funding bodies that supported the study). Vague statements such as ‘results will be discussed’, ‘data will be presented’ will not be accepted.

2) Abstracts will be reproduced as submitted. If accepted, your abstract will appear in the conference handbook, and on our website exactly as submitted. Any typing errors will be visible.

3) It is the responsibility of the person submitting the abstract to ensure that full details of all authors are entered legibly and correctly (including initials and affiliations). These sections will be published in the conference handbook as entered by you.

4) The BAS reserve the right to decide on the form of presentation (oral or poster) in the interests of the scientific programme.

5) Abstracts are accepted on the understanding that they will be presented at the meeting either as a poster or as an oral presentation.

May 9, 2017