In 2014 the UK Professional Fertility Societies joined together as an expert group to provide patient information that all agreed was comprehensive and appropriate. Different Societies led for different information in their specialist area.

The electronic versions of this information are available for download below:


Diagnosis-of-Male-Fertility-Problems.pdf (800 downloads)


Producing-a-Semen-Sample-for-Analysis.pdf (731 downloads)


Understanding-your-Semen-Analysis-Result.pdf (729 downloads)


Causes-of-Male-Infertility.pdf (639 downloads)


Sperm-Quality-and-Conception.pdf (1426 downloads)


What-is-Surgical-Sperm-Retrieval.pdf (557 downloads)


Counselling-and-Assisted-Conception.pdf (544 downloads)


Chalmydia-and-Reproduction.pdf (524 downloads)


Enhancing-Success-with-ART.pdf (545 downloads)


Ovulation-Induction-in-WHO-Type-1-Anovulation.pdf (515 downloads)


Stimulating-the-Ovaries-for-IVF-Treatment.pdf (530 downloads)


Ovarian-Hyperstimulation-Syndrome-OHSS.pdf (502 downloads)


Insemination-of-Eggs-what-are-the-options.pdf (508 downloads)


IVF.pdf (517 downloads)


ICSI.pdf (532 downloads)


Embryo-Blastocyst-Development.pdf (518 downloads)


Time-Lapse-Technology.pdf (509 downloads)


Single-Embryo-Transfer.pdf (504 downloads)


Freezing-and-Vitrification-of-Gametes-and-Embryos.pdf (523 downloads)


Freezing-Eggs-for-Future-Use.pdf (492 downloads)


For further information patients may also wish to look at the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority website:

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