Proposed unification of BAS with the ACE and ABA to form BARS

12 October 2018


For many years now there has been sporadic discussion around the idea of a unified professional society to cover all aspects of reproductive science and research. We believe that there would be many advantages to a unified society that would allow us to better represent scientists on the national stage, streamline/reduce costs whilst increasing efficiency, improve the knowledge and skill base available overall, improve the quality and quantity of research undertaken, unify training schemes and improve patient care.


It has become increasingly obvious that there is duplication and repetition within the three organisations (e.g. websites, newsletters and training schemes) and that closer working would enable us to leverage the greatest benefits and influence for all members; allowing us to use our knowledge and skills to further improve patient care.


Over the last two years the BAS, ABA and  ACE have all asked their members to vote on the BARS proposal and concept and members of all three organisations (who expressed a preference) have voted overwhelmingly in favour.


When the consultation period closes, the steering group, working in co-ordination with the Execs of all three societies, will finalise the plan for the unification of the ABA, ACE and BAS. This finalised plan will then be presented at the AGM for each respective society to be ratified over the next twelve months. All being well, BARS will come into existence in January 2020.

October 18, 2018